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a huge change to tax cuts. what are they planning? >> this would collapse seven brackets into two brackets for essentially all taxable income, ensuring 99% of taxpayers face maximum rates of 25% or less. specifically, this is how he will do it. theof americans would be in 25% tax bracket. those who are above that would be hit with an additional rates. this would make filing a lot more >>, because instead of seven tax brackets we would be down to two, or i guess at least three. you would have that additional 10% tax for those making over 100 $50,000. moreover, it would end the unequal treatment for the carried interest private equity managers pay themselves. does this plan have legs? we are joined by the american action forum director of fiscal -- gordon, i will start with you. is there a chance we could see something like this get through congress? be great. that would there is a lot of debate out there about how big an effect tax reform could have on it, but i think there is a broad consensus that in general it is universally positive. if you ask anybody out there, should we do s
interviewed dave camp. they will discuss, among other things, his new tax plan, and we will hear about it. stay with us here on "street smart." ♪ >> if you missed everything that happened during today's session, do not worry, in 45 seconds we will get you caught up on the only stocks you need to know about today. surging 25%cpenney after forecasting an increase in revenue. same-store sales will increase mid-singlets -- by digit percentage and gross margin will significantly improve this year. >> number nine, rbs shares down six percent as they report the biggest full-year loss since the bailout in 2008. the new ceo is trying to revive earnings by combining units, shrinking the investment bank and cutting jobs. likes number eight, blackstone. agreeing to buy 25% of gianni first half cheaper $287 million. this marks the end of a lengthy search for for saatchi family owners to find an investor. versace. motors.r six, general seven, general motors. up twober six kohl's, percent. toer jaffray continues recommend the shares and notes that the company management indicating on the inter--- earn
no more special tax breaks to private equity. ♪ >> at a time when president obama is trying to show the world he has what it takes to also up to russia, he released his budget. as billion for the military he cuts forces, retires weapons and slows the growth of military spending. i asked the senator john mccain what he thinks of the budget. these cuts in defense spending are based and has been made known by the administration there will be no more land wars. weyou know how many times have said that in the 20th century after world war i, world , andi, korean war, vietnam we always had to rebuild the military, because it is not always a conflict of our choosing. >> do you see this as a central problem with the president's budget? issue with america's role in the world. he does not believe in american exceptionalism or leadership. that is why our influence is , especiallyhe world in the middle east where the united states influence and power is no longer a factor. much a consensus builder. we did not have it with the u.k. for syria. do you think things are changing at all or still in th
and no should not exist one should pay taxes. it has grown up since then. department of financial services recently had a hearing. the display of witnesses were nothing like the people originally involved in bitcoin in the beginning. these were all investors and not the doors with people with millions of dollars who have been around the block in terms of the traditional financial system. it has grown up. it does have some of those people still involved who are extreme in different ways and outside the mainstream. -- they are a smaller portion of bitcoin. >> what is the most important thing bitcoin can have happened does it need to be ultimately regulated? >> it depends on what you mean by succeed. most people would say success is acceptance into the mainstream. for that to happen, you need regulation. we had mount blowup recently. what that shows is you need to have standards to make sure that exchange -- the bitcoins are doing in a way that is secure. almost every single exchange or haset that has existed blown up, has been hacked, or entrepreneurs have as -- of scone did. there are new o
of the negative impact of higher taxes, which really took a bite out of consumer spending in fourth quarter last year, and the fact that the consumer is made some progress in balance sheets deleveraging, we see the and even in loans mortgage credit now. i think the underlying story for consumers is not bad. from the equity perspective, those consumer discretionary stocks got decidedly expensive by the end of last year as the market bought into that idea. >> people are spending more money on credit, taking out more loans. but hey, that's good? right, right? >> the glass is half empty and half full in this case. we got a big increase, point or percent increase in consumer increase in consumer spending. the reason it went up so much in january was an increase in services spending, away from durable goods. utility bills. we spent a lot more paying for things we have to pay for. at least we spent the money, but it is not an alloy good news. >> keeping us all warm. >> i bought a new truck last year. what do you think about car sales? they were weaker than the market anticipated in february. weaker tha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5